Will writing services

Here at Hepworth & Co Solicitors, we provide professional will writing services for our clients in Glasgow.

Make a will that reflects your wishes

At Hepworth & Co Solicitors, we understand that priorities and family circumstances change over time. It is essential that your will changes as well, in order to keep pace with your relationships. Make a will that truly reflects your wishes with will writing services from Hepworth & Co Solicitors. Our professionals will listen to you and ensure your wishes are documented appropriately for your complete peace of mind.

We can help you with:


Preparing wills

Contesting a will

If you feel that your loved one’s will doesn’t accurately reflect their choice at the time of their death, then contact Hepworth & Co Solicitors. We can help you legally dispute unfair wills.

Professional advice for executors
If you have been made the executor of a will, then we can help you with the paperwork and make the entire process quicker and smoother. We offer free initial consultations in Glasgow and the nearby areas.

If you need help writing your will, call Hepworth & Co Solicitors on 0141 641 0089